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Exactly what I was looking for

Do you know how hard it is to find a clock with a second hand that does not have some other issue with the clock itself? Well, I've been searching for one for about half an hour and came upon this one, and it is exactly what I was looking for. A simple digital clock with seconds. I don't know how often I have wanted a simple clock really handy so I can see when 30 seconds have gone by. Normally I have to log into a unix system and run a script that shows the date command, how silly is that? Why would you want this? Well, let's say you want to take your pulse and you want to quickly see when 6 seconds have elapsed. I would hate to set up a stop watch for that. Or let's say you have to click something once every 10 seconds and you want to watch a clock and each 10 seconds, you click (or press enter or similar action) If you want a clock that just shows the time and you don't care about seconds, then maybe you should try a different clock, like the one that syncs the real time with NTP. I will probably get that one too just so I can have accurate time handy as well. Enjoy

Need polish

Simple and easy to control, I give that. However, in Font 11, the time display go over the screen. It needs to be polished, dispite what new features the auther has planned for.

Great potential

I've been looking for something like this for a while. Apps like ClockFS let you replace your alarm clock with the iPhone (as long as you're not the type who slams alarm clocks). There are just a few things that could really improve this app: 1) Save the settings when you exit and return to the app. 2) Show font samples within the settings page. 3) Option to disable seconds and AM/PM so that the numbers can be bigger while sitting in the charger/dock. 4) 24-hour option for our military friends. 5) Option to let the clock float around the screen to prevent burn-in. Let users set the speed. 6) Option to display the date. 7) Add alarm feature (?)


I see no point in this application

It's fine with me...

I agree that it's not necessary to see the seconds click by (I actually find it distracting). Also, at first swipe (and second!) of leaving the program and returning, my settings were not saved. These must be correctable options and issues so I am not at all upset, since getting this program was a choice and not a purchase. As for having to wake the phone up, I took 5 seconds and changed my preference to "Never" for the lock-down setting in the iPhone's Settings. After all, I would never use my phone as a clock unless it was simultaneously charging. When "Never" isn't my preference, I'll take 5 seconds to change the setting back to something more functional. I have removed apps before but I will keep this, if only to be notified of the next update and it's improvements.

It's a nice clock

Much better than the other free clock. Yes the seconds need to be taken off and sleep disabled, but thank you for your spending a little extra time ok a free app.

Almost exactly what I wanted

Performs just as described - but would be greatly improved if it could prevent the phone/touch from going to sleep though.

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